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Honda Women Auto Trends Blog New Westminster BC
Are you looking for an excellent first car? Perhaps you just graduated from college and got a new job you’ll need to commute to. Alternatively, maybe you have been working for awhile, driving a hand-me-down vehicle that is on its last leg. Either way, it’s time to invest in something for your future.

Being young and female can make 
car buying an anxiety-ridden process. You know things about vehicles, but it’s hard not to fear that you’ll be treated poorly because of your age or gender. Don’t worry! There are a few ways to ensure you’ll get what you need out of the shopping experience.

1. Ask questions.
Know what you want and be ready to seek the answers to whatever queries you might have.

2. Be prepared to walk away.
If you’re just not seeing what you’re looking for or don’t like the way you’re being sold to, it’s time to leave!

3. Shop at a professional dealership.
Only patronize locations with courteous sales staff who see you as an equal, end of story!

For your first car, a vehicle like the 2018 Honda Civic LX could be a great choice. It has a cool new design and plenty of features to keep you feeling comfortable and pampered. Smart device integration keeps you connected, and heated front seats are all the rage and perfect for chilly mornings.

in to Island Honda and take a test drive. You can expect only the best sales experience with us!
Attention, all you Honda racing fans! You are probably familiar with our company’s rich history on the course. Did you know that it’s your turn to win behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle? The Checkered Flag Event is back!

There’s never been a better time for Courtenay, BC, ladies to stop in and check out any one of a number of fantastic vehicles. How about the Civic LX sedan? This model was designed with pure exhilaration in mind. A sweeping front grille makes it feel as if it’s ready for the racecourse. Large wheel
wells, deeply surfaced sills, and delicate rear arches add to its smooth appearance. You won’t be cramped like in a stock car, however, thanks to 4.5 cubic yards of cargo space.

The 2018 Civic is also known for its sharp handling and road manners. It boasts 158 horsepower, sure to get your blood pumping. Some LX models offer manual transmission, making you feel even more like a race car driver. Performance tires hug the street, keeping you safe wherever you go.

Are you ready to roll toward the winner’s circle? Hurry 
in to Island Honda and take advantage of the Checkered Flag Event while it lasts!