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Island Blogs - Used Honda Vehicles
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If you’re seeking a stylish, affordable, and practical preowned vehicle, look no further than the 2015 Honda Civic Touring. With the features you crave and only 48,183 kilometres to its name, this car is a wonderful used choice.

This vehicle is rich with amenities. It includes heated leather seats, a sunroof, and keyless entry. Smart device integration and Bluetooth connectivity also up its convenience factor, as does its high-end touchscreen infotainment console. A review by Driving.ca loved the Honda’s many luxurious additions, as well, including its top-notch navigation system. They even called it the king of the compact car segment.

The Civic Touring is plenty safe, thanks to a variety of airbags and a backup camera. Stability and traction control provide additional peace of mind. LaneWatch technology offers an extra set of eyes no matter where you may travel. Child locks and a passenger seat weight sensor help you to protect the smallest riders in your vehicle.

For decades, the Civic has been one of the best-selling cars in Canada. It doesn’t get much better and more trustworthy than that! Hurry 
in to Island Honda and take a test drive of this amazing compact sedan today!
Are you looking for an amazing preowned vehicle? Why not drive the 2013 Honda Civic LX? This wonderful sedan has traveled just 38,463 kilometres so far. The model is also Canada’s best-selling car, so it’s well worth a look.

The Civic starts strong with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. It boasts 140 horsepower, so trips are never dull. Power steering and traction control keep you safe no matter where you have to go. Heated mirrors also make it easy to see in any weather.

The Car Connection loved the Honda’s impressive feature list and elegant styling. They gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, appreciating its mesh front grill and wide lower bumper. In addition, the reviewer noted how smooth and quiet the ride was.

You won’t have to sacrifice the high-tech amenities typical to modern vehicles in this 
preowned beauty. It offers an mp3 and CD players, heated seats, and a Bluetooth connection. Keyless entry provides the utmost in convenience, and an engine immobilizer keeps your belongings safe when you’re not in the car.

Does the 2013 Civic LX sound like the perfect vehicle for you? Hurry 
in to your Island Honda dealer and take a test drive today! 
According to reviewer The Day.com, the 2018 Fit is a wonderful overall choice for a subcompact car that remains extremely affordable as it improves model year to model year, while also bolstering its safety features over time. The Honda Sensing suite of technologies does indeed go a long way toward keeping your crew from harm.

If you’re in the market for a like-new preowned vehicle, why not check out this amazing car? With just 4,821 kilometres to its name, you really can’t beat the low price of a used Honda that’s not even a model-year old.

Stop by your Island Honda dealer today for a test drive! 
Are you seeking a sporty used car? How about the 2014 Honda Civic Si? White in colour and with only 50,030 kilometres to its name, this beauty looks like new and is more than ready for its next adventure.

Thanks to a six-speed manual transmission, the Civic Si is a blast to operate. It also boasts a thrilling interior design. From its black seats with orange fabric to its perfectly sized infotainment screen, this Honda will never leave you feeling like you’re missing out on updated technology. It’s all here!

According to reviewer Driving.ca, the sedan is a “fantastic driver’s car.” They loved its sportiness and the seamless combination of its high-end features and Honda’s well-known practicality.

The Civic Si boasts front wheel drive and a 2.4-litre i-VTEC engine. It is able to provide an exciting 205 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 174 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. Due in part to its efficiency, this vehicle uses 9.9 litres of fuel per 100 km traveled in the city and 6.6 litres for every 100 km when on the highway. Those are impressive statistics!

Stop by Island Honda today and take a test drive! This preowned marvel might be your dream car!

2014 honda accord coupe ex-l with navigation for sale comox valley courtenay bcHave you been looking for a quality preowned car that will stay with your family for many years to come? How about the 2014 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L with navigation? With just 132,978 kilometres to its name, this vehicle still has plenty of life left in it.

This Honda will save you even more money down the line, thanks to 
fuel economy of 11 km/L city and 14.5 km/L highway. In part, you can thank the efficiency of the coupe’s manual transmission and its 3.5-litre, 24-Valve V6 engine for these great numbers.

Driving.ca reviewed the 2014 Accord Coupe very highly, saying that it had an excellent value and an extremely high level of included features for the price. As they also point out, this car has captured the attention of Canada since its 1971 introduction, becoming one of the top-selling models of all time. The reviewer thought that the ride in this vehicle was quite smooth and composed, and they also appreciated the top-notch suspension offered by the Honda.

If this great 
preowned vehicle sounds perfect for you, stop by your Island Honda dealer today. We’d love to set up a test drive for you!
Are you looking for a sporty and fun used vehicle that won’t break the bank? This 2014 Honda Civic Si is all that and more. With a manual transmission, it brings drivers pure joy on the road. Even better, it has only 50,030 kilometres to its name, so you can rest assured it has plenty of time left to serve you.

Performance tires and a rear spoiler elevate the Civic Si to the level of the utmost athleticism. You can feel free to drive with 
gusto, because limited slip differential has your back. Heated front seats and mirrors keep you warm and safe, no matter the weather.

Though it was made a few years ago, this sedan is anything but out of date. A sunroof is as cool as they come, and a backup camera and leather steering wheel are features you’re used to seeing on newer cars. Best of all, the Civic Si boasts smart device integration, so you’ll never have to be out of touch when you’re on the road.

A reviewer from Driving.ca loved the Honda, saying that it was incredibly smooth. In fact, it appeared in their Editor’s Choice column. They also appreciated the
gear box and clutch, and they said the turn of speed and suspension were refined but still gave them great joy while driving.

Does this vehicle sound perfect for you? Hurry 
in to Island Honda and test drive the 2014 Civic Si today!  
Being called the “new economy class commuter,” the 2018 Honda HR-V EX is a small SUV that makes the most of its size and space.

It really packs a punch, with amazing rear-seat flexibility and excellent fuel economy, at 13.17 km/L. There’s a lot to love about this vehicle, which reviewer The Car Connection praised for its playful, rounded shape. There’s no confusing it with other in-class competitors thanks to its great looks.

If you think this wonderful vehicle might be perfect for you, hurry in to Island Honda and take a test drive! With just 6,195 kilometres to its name, the HR-V is an excellent investment.
Are you seeking a fabulous and attractive sedan? It’s time to check out the 2016 Honda Civic EX. Known for its beautiful redesigned look, this vehicle is fun to drive and sure to impress everyone who sees it. Even better, it has only 54,614 kilometres to its name, so you know it’s got plenty of years left on the road.

The 2016 Civic doesn’t mess around when it comes to power. Its engine is a 2-litre, 16-valve beauty that boasts 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque. All of this is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, so it’s a snap to operate. The Honda has a bit of a sporty edge to it, too. You’ll definitely love feeling it shift gears while you’re out and about.

Canadian reviewer The Car Connection awarded the sedan a 4.5 out of 5 stars, appreciating its striking new shape and the best ride quality in its class. In addition, they raved about its amazing fuel economy. You can expect 13.17 km/L in this Honda! That will keep you saving long after you purchase it.

Want to test drive this wonderful vehicle? Stop by your Island Honda dealer today. The 2016 Civic EX is well worth a look!

Honda is working closely with a Chinese battery manufacturer to produce an electric version of the Fit that can travel up to 300 kilometres on a single charge. That’s impressive!

In the meantime, why not check out the environmentally friendly 2018 Fit EX? It boasts wonderful fuel economy, plenty of cargo space, and the Honda sensibility you crave.

The 2018 Fit can reach 17 km/L highway and 14 km/L city. It is able to accommodate all of your gear, thanks to 1.95 cubic yards of cargo space. It’s a wonderful investment!

Stop by Island Honda today and take a test drive of this great preowned vehicle!

Are you in the market for a compact car? Maybe your budget won’t support anything brand new right now. No worries! The 2013 Honda Civic LX is an excellent choice if you’re buying preowned. In fact, this vehicle has only 38,463 kilometres to its name. Sedans of this make and model are known to last nearly ten times that long, so it’s a solid buy!

This Civic boasts a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine, mated to a five-speed automatic transmission. This sedan can offer an impressive 140 horsepower, keeping every drive interesting. Never fear, though--road noise won’t be a bother, thanks to superior construction. The Honda was designed with a high-strength steel body, upgraded side pillars, and thicker windshield and front door glass. In addition, the manufacturer added soundproofing for the dash, floor, doors, and rear tray.

The Car Connection raved about the Honda, saying that it had an impressive feature list, refinement, and a sophisticated new look. They noted its almost Accord-like look, too. Keyless entry and heated side mirrors add a nice touch to the sedan, as does its passenger airbag sensor.

Hurry in to your Island Honda dealer and test drive the 2013 Civic LX. It’s a wallet-friendly choice sure to keep you happy for years to come!