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2018 honda pilot ex for sale courtenay bcShopping for a new automobile? Maybe you’re not a compact car fan, but you also don’t love trucks. That’s okay! If you want something sizable that won’t break the bank but that also handles well, an SUV or crossover might be for you. The 2018 Honda Pilot EX is an awesome marriage of all of your preferences. Check it out today!

For starters, there’s plenty of room in this vehicle. It can seat 
8, and is also able to hold 4.03 cubic yards of cargo up to the first row. Amenities galore are included, too, like luxurious heated seats to keep you comfortable in all weather. Bluetooth connectivity helps you to stay in touch no matter how far you roam. For a dash of extra fun, the sunroof on this Honda will make you feel alive. Are you a music lover? The Pilot EX includes an auxiliary audio input, an AM/FM radio, and smartphone connectivity, so you can take all of your tunes with you everywhere. In addition, you will appreciate the convenience of keyless start, especially when the days grow dark and cold.

A review by Driving.ca raved about the Pilot, in particular its upscale amenities. You’re sure to love it, too. Hurry
in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive!
Are you trying to find a new crossover that will keep your family safe? The 2018 Honda Pilot EX is a smart choice. With plenty of preventative amenities and several more for your comfort, this vehicle was clearly designed with parents and children in mind. Reviewer The Car Connection even ranked this at the top of its class!

There are a number of features included in the crossover for the benefit of the driver. For instance, adjustable lumbar support and heated seats will feel divine on long trips. Sick of listening to your kids argue over who is too hot or cold? Multi-zone air conditioning makes it possible to please everyone. Traveling solo? The Pilot includes smart device integration and Bluetooth connectivity for easily staying in touch with the crew back home.

Honda puts your family first in the 2018 Pilot EX. Collision mitigation braking helps to prevent a crash, and road departure mitigation lets you know if you’re veering off the highway. In addition, lane-keeping assist will alert you before you drift to the left or right. Variable speed windshield wipers make it a cinch to see in bad weather, because they adjust depending on how fast the rain is falling. The vehicle’s included tire pressure gauge lets you know when you need to top the air off.

Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, and arrange for a test drive. You’re sure to love this crossover!
2018 honda pilot for sale courtenay bcHave you been hoping to find a powerful crossover that’s filled with features but doesn’t trade its practicality for bells and whistles? If so, the 2018 Honda Pilot EX is worth a look. Built with your comfort and safety in mind, this vehicle has the automaker’s commitment to longevity in addition to a host of impressive amenities that make every drive much more enjoyable.

Stay comfortable on the road in this crossover, thanks to 
adjustable lumbar support and heated seats. The whole family will be pleased, too, with multi-zone air conditioning, sure to keep fights over the temperature at bay. Smart device integration and Bluetooth connectivity offer peace of mind, since you will always be able to remain in touch with your spouse, partner, or kids.

Safety is important to Honda, and it shows in the 2018 Pilot EX. You’ll be impressed with its full suite of airbags, child safety locks, and lane keeping assist, which acts as an extra set of eyes. Brake assist is invaluable when the weather isn’t great or if you don’t quite stop in time. In addition, audio controls right on the steering wheel keep you from having to look away from the road while you’re out and about.

Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive of this wonderful vehicle, which reviewer The Car Connection ranked among the very best of three-row SUVs. You won’t be disappointed! 
Are you seeking a beautiful new SUV to safely transport your family from place to place? If so, you’re in luck! The 2018 Honda Pilot EX boasts the best in tech and all of the features you crave to keep the whole crew protected.

Honda leaves nothing to chance in this vehicle, which comes complete with a full suite of assistive features to help your family stay secure. From collision mitigation braking to road departure warning to lane-keeping help, your auto will have your back. Windshield wipers change speeds depending on the weather to improve visibility, too. A variety of strategically placed airbags also protect you in the event of a crash.

A review by Driving.ca was impressed with how much space the Pilot offers. You’ll be able to fit 8 with no trouble, so your kids can always bring their friends along for a ride. Planning to haul gear instead? This Honda boasts 4.03 cubic yards of cargo room when you make use of the entire vehicle up to the front row of seats.

If that all isn’t enough, you’re sure to love this SUV’s heated seats and smart device integration. As a busy parent, you deserve a touch of luxury, and you’ll get it with this vehicle!

Stop by Island Honda the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area and take a test drive!

Has your family been seeking a full-sized SUV that offers plenty of safety features and ample storage space? If so, the 2018 Honda Pilot EX is well worth a look. This vehicle was built with groups just like yours in mind, and it has a powerful engine, so you know it can keep up.

When your kids are in the car, safety is paramount. Fortunately, the SUV is equipped with collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control. Variable speed windshield wipers help you to see in bad weather, and a tire pressure gauge makes it easy to know if you need to top off your air.

Driving.ca gave the Pilot a solid 7.6 out of 10, loving its many features, like heated benches and Bluetooth connectivity. The review also mentioned the vehicle’s accommodating nature--it seats 8 with no trouble, and it has 4.03 cubic yards of cargo space up to the first row.

This Honda is a 280-horsepower beast, offering drivers a 3.5-litre V6 engine under the hood. Its six-speed automatic transmission is a snap to operate. There’s no question that the Pilot will be able to keep up with your many adventures.

Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and test drive the 2018 Pilot. It’s a wonderful vehicle for the whole family!
Are you the market for a new midsized SUV that offers more than just a touch of luxury? How about the 2018 Honda Pilot EX? Boasting plenty of high-end features guaranteed to make your commute feel immensely more comfortable, as well as the safety elements you need, this vehicle is worth a look.

Being at home behind the wheel is an underrated aspect of vehicle ownership. It’s essential that you feel completely at ease while driving so that you can focus on what matters--the road ahead. The Honda Pilot is designed to provide you this courtesy. Adjustable lumbar support and heated seats are conducive to settling in for a long trip. Additionally, multi-zone air conditioning helps everyone to stay cool during warmer months.

Will you be traveling with your family? A pass-through front seat makes handing tissues or snacks back and forth a snap. Safety is also paramount in this Honda, which features a series of airbags and extras like lane-keeping assist so that you’ll never miss a beat.

Auto reviewer The Car Connection ranked the Pilot among the very best of three-row SUVs. They said that it has a fantastic use of interior space, lots of cargo room, and connectivity, ports, and screens galore. Indeed, you’ll be able to use all of your devices without an issue when you’re in this vehicle.

Intrigued? Stop by your Island Honda dealer today and take a test drive in Courtenay, BC!