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If you’re in the market for a luxurious crossover loaded with power and great features, look no further. The 2018 Honda CR-V EX is an amazing choice. It has a number of wonderful amenities and keeps you comfortable behind the wheel.

Every last detail of the CR-V is high-end and elegant. It boasts heated seats for your comfort on the road, as well as a soft-touch dashboard. It’s built on a 1.5-litre inline-four turbocharged engine and offers drivers 190 horsepower. When paired with a standard continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), these specs make for a driving experience typical in a more upscale car. Integrated turn signal mirrors make it easy for other drivers to see what you are doing and help to prevent accidents. Variable speed intermittent wipers are also wonderful for when the day is rainy.

A reviewer loved the crossover’s “host of high-tech equipment, impressive fuel economy, and copious cargo space.” To top it all off, the CR-V’s “contemporary styling and engaging driving dynamics” won them over. You’re sure to appreciate it, too.

Don’t miss an opportunity to own the 2018 CR-V LX. Hurry in to your local Island Honda dealer in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive!

2018 honda pilot ex for sale courtenay bcAre you trying to find an SUV that will keep your family safe this winter? Have you considered the 2018 Honda Pilot EX? It’s filled to the brim with wonderful features and has all of the protective amenities that you crave. There’s really nothing else on the market that’s quite like it.

Let’s start off by discussing safety. The included collision mitigation braking system helps you to prevent a crash, and road departure mitigation lets you know if you’re veering off the highway. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it was built with lane-keeping assist, which works to keep you from drifting to the left or right. Bluetooth connectivity helps you to stay in touch with friends and place emergency calls, if need be.

There’s more still! Variable speed windshield wipers help you to see when it’s raining very hard, and an included tire pressure gauge alerts you before there is a problem so that you can fill up.

A review by Driving.ca was very impressed with the vehicle, which it said had amazing amenities for the price. Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, and take this beauty for a test drive. You’re sure to love what it can do for you and your family this winter.

2019 honda ridgeline sport for sale courtenay bcDo you need a new truck? It’s well worth your while to check out the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport. This amazing pickup has plenty of amenities and an athletic vibe that you’re sure to love. Even better, it will turn heads everywhere you go, thanks to a sleek exterior.  

You want a vehicle that's powerful. Look no further. This one boasts a 3.5-litre V6 engine that can throw 280 horsepower, which is sure to thrill you. It has a six-speed automatic transmission, so you can focus on how driving it makes you feel. Best of all, it has a 1.6-metre bed and 3.08 cubic metres of cargo space, so the pickup is more than capable of hauling whatever you need it to.

Amenities like keyless entry help you to get started each day. Stay in touch with ease, thanks to a colour infotainment touchscreen. A backup camera also helps you to check out the surrounding area before you leave each day, going a long way toward protecting you and the ones you love.

A reviewer from The Car Connection loved how refined the truck was. They also raved about its luxurious interior. Stop by Island Honda the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area and take a test drive!

The 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring is a fabulous choice for your family. Need more convincing? It just got nominated as one of the 4 best vehicles to drive instead of an SUV if you have a large crew. According to the report, there is a new breed of vehicles that are better than crossovers. They’re all minivans.

This is due in part to the incredible features and high-tech offerings that automakers are filling their vans with these days. It’s not anything like the vehicles you might be used to in the category. Want to see for yourself? Hurry in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, and take it for a test drive!
2018 honda civic coupe for sale courtenay bcAre you searching for a new vehicle? Why not check out the 2018 Honda Civic Coupe LX? It’s packed to the brim with amazing amenities and has a beautifully styled interior that will keep you comfortable and feeling stylish at all times.

You’ll appreciate this vehicle’s 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine, which is able to produce 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque. That keeps your drive enjoyable. In addition, performance tires make everything from grocery runs to long, leisurely trips very pleasurable. Aluminum wheels hold up over the long term, too.

This automobile includes a backup camera, so it’s extremely up-to-date and can protect you when you’re headed out each day. Stay in touch, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and smart device integration, which enables you to make phone calls safely while you’re out and about. Heated mirrors melt away ice and snow, protecting you when the winter winds start to blow. Given all that it has to offer, The Car Connection was very impressed, calling it an incredible value.

Hurry in to Island Honda and schedule a test drive for the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area. You’re sure to love everything about this amazing vehicle!

2018 honda accord ex-l for sale courtenay bcIf you’re considering a new vehicle, why not think about the 2018 Honda Accord EX-L? With plenty of upgraded features and all of the comforts you crave, this sedan is both practical and luxurious. In addition, safety is king in the car, so you’ll never have to worry.

Do things like satellite radio, an mp3 player, and Bluetooth connectivity sound good to you? They 
should, since they will make it possible for you to stay in touch and bring your tunes with you, no matter where you go.

But wait, there’s more to love! A heated steering wheel and leather seats will keep you cozy, regardless of how cold it gets outside. A universal garage door opener can also be extremely convenient. Multi-zone air conditioning means that your entire group can stay cool at once.

Stay safe no matter what in the 2018 Accord, which boasts variable speed intermittent wipers, a full suite of airbags, and traction control. In addition, a backup camera lets you know before you head out if you have a child, animal, or object blocking your path.

As you’re sure to do, Driving.ca appreciated the safety and luxury offered by this vehicle. Hurry
in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take it for a test drive! 
Have you been hoping to purchase a new crossover or SUV? If you haven’t checked out the 2018 Honda CR-V EX yet, you’re missing out. It boasts a variety of luxurious amenities and all of the comfort features that you crave, so every drive will be pleasant, safe, and entertaining.

Honda built this crossover with Bluetooth connectivity and smart device integration, so listening to your music or making phone calls is easy. In addition, a sunroof allows you to catch some rays on these fleeting beautiful days of autumn, and heated seats keep you cozy no matter how cool it gets. If it’s raining, don’t worry about getting out when you’ve reached the garage, thanks to a universal door opener.

Safety is key in the CR-V, which includes lane-keeping assistance and a backup camera. In addition, there are a whopping six airbags, so everyone inside the vehicle will be protected. You can also rest easy, thanks to stability control and anti-lock brakes.

Want to own the 2018 Motor Trend SUV of the Year? Visit your Island Honda dealer in Courtenay, BC, today and take let us take you for a spin! You’re sure to love its chic and effortless sophistication.

Have you heard the fabulous news? The 2019 Honda Civic Sport is on its way to dealerships! This beautiful and athletic vehicle boasts all of the amenities you crave, including some fan favorites that had disappeared for a time. We’re talking about things like a physical volume knob, which many drivers missed when the automaker made things extremely high-tech.

In addition, you’ll appreciate the overall luxurious vibe that this car provides. A leather steering wheel, heated seats, multi-zone air conditioning, and Bluetooth functionality keep you connected and comfortable. A sunroof is a blast to open on nice days, and steering wheel audio controls ensure that your music is never more than a push of a button away. Best of all, safety tech isn’t overlooked. You’ll find variable speed intermittent wipers and fog lamps extremely helpful when the weather is bad.

Driving.ca loved the model’s fabulous speed control, as well as its new cupholders, which can hold up to an extra-large Tim Horton’s cup. That’s something you’re sure to appreciate when you’re tired and need a huge coffee in the morning!

If this sounds like the perfect car for you, hurry 
in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive!
Are you in the market for a wonderful new car? If so, now’s the time to get excited. Reviews are in, and everyone is loving the 2019 Honda Civic Sport. What’s not to like, really? The vehicle boasts a restyled lower bumper, making the automobile look wider. In addition, it now has blacked-out headlights, which give it an element of cool. The infotainment system also has a physical volume knob, and Bluetooth integration has been streamlined.

Want to see the beautiful 2019 Civic Sport for yourself? Hurry in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, and take a test drive today!
Do you want a new truck that has the auto equivalent of table manners? Let’s face it, many pickups are built to be as powerful and strong as possible, but they don’t have much in the way of amenities. If you’re the kind of driver who loves the ability to haul large loads but also wants some tech and interior comforts, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport is a fabulous choice.

This truck is built with an automatic transmission and runs on gasoline fuel, so it’s familiar and doesn’t require diesel. It has heated mirrors and variable speed intermittent wipers in addition to the defrost system you’re used to, which goes a long way toward improving visibility during bad weather conditions. Even better? Warmed seats will keep you cozy all winter long.

Stay safe in the Ridgeline Sport, thanks to a variety of well-designed features. Integrated turn-signal mirrors let other drivers know of your plans, and a backup camera helps you to consider everything around you before you head out. Several airbags protect you in the event of a crash, and limited slip differential goes a long way toward keeping you safe in the snow.

The Car Connection says this is all the truck they need, and you’re likely to feel the same way. Hurry
in to Island Honda the next time you’re near Courtenay, BC, and take a test drive!